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Canal Dream CIC

​We have a canal dream, to make a dream canal.

For Creative Practice
For Community Wellbeing
For Canal Regeneration
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Canal Dream Community Interest Company is an award-winning non-profit organisation in the arts
& social innovation field. We use the UK's waterways network as the pathway and boats as the
stage for multi-arts activities. Through connecting the emerging creative community to the old
canal system, to create opportunities for creative practice, community well-being, canal
regeneration, and environmental engagement.

Canal Dream began as my graduation project at Royal College of Art. Then, in 2023 I founded and directs Canal Dream CIC, 从2022年春天开始,I have organised 13 waterways events in this time,


3 of them festivals involving partnering with several boats and many artists. In total I have featured over 300 artists in my events including visual artists, performers, musicians, poets and dancers...

including the Canal Dream Art Festival in June,
which we aim to make an annual multi-arts festival; and a water-based International Artists
Exchange programme between the UK and China. More than 300 emerging artists, musicians,
performers and poets have been featured in these events.







2023年9月,LDF期间,我发布了the Canal Dream Hub,();

以及 the Canal Dreamer Zine,();

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